How The Customer Experience Is Changing Business and Designing the Future


The customer experience is changing the way we do business. It’s time to focus on the customer, not the product. The future of business is design first. Empathy is key to delivering a great customer experience. Insights will drive the future of design and business.

It’s time to focus on the customer, not the product

The customer experience is the new marketing. The customer experience is the new brand. The customer experience is the new product, business and design.

Customer experience has become so important that it needs to be at the center of all business decisions, not just in marketing but across every department from product development to operations and finance. Customer-centricity isn’t just about being nice to customers–it’s about understanding what they want out of their interactions with your company so you can deliver on those desires better than anyone else does (or can).

The future of business is design first.

Today, design is a strategic asset. It’s a competitive advantage. It’s the way you differentiate yourself from your competitors, attract new customers and retain them for life. It’s also an important part of creating customer value–the inherent worth in what you offer them–and enhancing customer experience: how people feel when they interact with your brand or product or service.

Design is even more than just about making stuff pretty; it’s about making sure that what you create has utility for people who use it every day (or at least want to).

Empathy is key to delivering a great customer experience.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It’s a key component of human nature, and it can make or break your customer experience.

In order to deliver a great customer experience, you have to be able to empathize with the people who use your product or service–and you need to do so on both an individual level (the person using the product) and at scale (the masses).

Empathy isn’t just about being nice; it’s about connecting with people on a deep level so that they feel understood by you. This helps build trust in your brand, which makes them more likely to buy from you again in the future.

Insights will drive the future of design and business.

The future of design and business is insights driven. Insights are the foundation of customer experience, digital transformation and business strategy. They have enabled companies like Apple, Amazon and Netflix to create products that people love; they’ve changed the way we do business forever.

If you want your company to thrive in this new era then you need to understand how insights can help drive innovation – from product development through to marketing campaigns or brand strategy.

The customer journey is more than just online.

The customer journey is more than just online.

It’s a journey, not an experience. And it can start long before you ever interact with your customers.

A great example of this is how some companies are using social media to help them find out what their target audience wants from them, even if they haven’t purchased anything yet. For example, they might ask questions like “What would make our brand stand out in your mind?” or “What would make you choose our company over another?” These questions allow them to get feedback on their products and services before they’ve even been developed–which gives them valuable insight into what works best for their clients…and where there might be room for improvement!

Your CX needs to be integrated with your overall strategy and work with all parts of the organization.

The customer experience is not a separate department. It’s integrated with all parts of your organization, and it should be part of your overall strategy.

It’s important to understand how CX fits into your business model, because if you don’t plan for this integration early on, it can have serious consequences later on down the line. For example, let’s say that you’re redesigning a website or creating an app–if those projects aren’t fully integrated with other departments like marketing and sales (and even product development), then they won’t deliver value as effectively as possible because they’re missing key components required for success in each area. And this isn’t just true for digital products; I’ve seen many companies struggle when trying to create physical products without considering how those new items might affect existing ones or how they’ll fit into people’s lives once they’re released onto marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart stores across America!


The customer experience is changing business and designing the future. We’ve seen how it’s possible to create more meaningful connections with customers through empathy and insights, but we also know that this kind of work needs to be integrated into your overall strategy and work with all parts of your organization.

Hank Murallies

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