3 Reasons Why Resource Efficiency Is So Important


I’ll bet you didn’t know that the world’s global resource consumption is expected to rise 70{b863a6bd8bb7bf417a957882dff2e3099fc2d2367da3e445e0ec93769bd9401c} by 2030. That’s right, in just 15 years the amount of resources we use on a daily basis will be greater than ever before. As populations grow and economies develop, demand for resources like oil, water and food will continue to increase. But this is not just a problem for our planet—it’s also a big concern for businesses who need to manage their supply chains efficiently while keeping costs low so they can remain competitive in today’s global marketplace.

The global demand for resources is rising

The global demand for resources is rising. The world’s population is increasing, as are the standards of living around the globe. More people are living in cities and using more energy, water and other resources to support their lifestyles. If we don’t act now, this trend will continue until we reach a point where we cannot produce enough food or water to sustain our growing population.

The good news is that there are many ways you can make small changes at home or work place that will help reduce your own resource consumption while also contributing towards a healthier planet!

Resource efficiency reduces costs

Resource efficiency is all about reducing costs. It can help you cut your energy bills and waste disposal costs, as well as water and material costs.

In addition to helping you save money in the long run, resource efficiency also helps reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). This is important because GHGs contribute to climate change–a fact that’s been proven by scientific research.

Resource efficiency creates business opportunities

Resource efficiency is a way to make your business more competitive and create new business opportunities. It can be a differentiator for your business, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and attract customers who value sustainability.

Resource efficiency is good for the environment and it makes good business sense.

Resource efficiency is good for the environment and it makes good business sense.

When you think of resource efficiency, you might think of recycling or reusing materials to reduce waste. However, resource efficiency also includes other aspects such as reducing energy use and water consumption. Resource efficiency can be achieved by taking a holistic approach to your operations–from sourcing raw materials that are more sustainable to designing products with fewer parts that require less manufacturing time and resources (and therefore are easier on the environment).

Resource efficiency creates new business opportunities by helping companies save money in areas such as transportation costs (e-commerce), utilities expenses (offices) or supply chain management costs (retail).


In conclusion, it’s clear that resource efficiency is good for business. It’s also good for the environment and will help us to tackle some of the biggest issues facing our planet today. It can be implemented in many different ways, so there is no excuse not do something about it!

Hank Murallies

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